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Property Development

Successful property development is never simply about bricks and wood, or metal and tools. Experience shows that the important ingredient is always the right people. Having the perfect team is the foundation for any development. A good team of people with the right mix of experience and commitment, judgment and the ability to listening comprehensively. The ability to understand the market moving into the future. Discipline to deliver what we say we will deliver on time. Creating finished products by using technology intelligently.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Addiction is a disease and we treat our clients as patients who are suffering from an illness. We do not think of addiction as a choice but more as a disease of choice. The program we choose are not based on the medication we provide. Although we view medication as a valuable tool, we believe that it is best used to buy time to work through the issues that may have turned a person to substance abuse in the beginning.

Cleaning and Restorations

We have both the academic and project management experience necessary to deliver cost-effective solutions on time and on budget. Project completion and minimal process disruption is what drives us to be great. we offer a wide range of emergency service and deliver restoration solutions for diverse entities including: manufacturing facilities, government facilities, shopping centers, office complexes, high-rises, apartment buildings, warehouse, hotels, schools, churches and residential areas.


Matching the right job with the right skills and experience. Full-time, part-time, and temporary positions available. Providing employment services and workforce solutions to employers throughout our community is our passion.

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Since 1993

About Us:

Our focus as a small minority business is to ensure that all social service contract needs are met whether its staffing, service or qualified prime contractor. We dedicate our time to fulfilling all of our clients' needs and we work one on one to ensure service is at its best.

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Jon Hill
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Jon Hill


Specializes in the structure of staffing projects and assist with all major prime contractors.

Richard Cannon

Our President

A veteran of the U.S Air Force. He has 30 years experience in Sales, Subcontracting and Staffing .

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 Jon Hill                                             Richard Cannon
+1 (404) 880-3372
Mon - Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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